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Electronic Pain Relief Pad

Price: $20.99
  • Rechargeable Electronic Pain Relief Pad, Easy to use ,30 times Reusable.
  • Adjustable intensity of 15 levels for customized pain relief, 5 Pulse modes.
  • Convenient plastic storage and carry case included
  • Safe and Effective, Clinically proven, Drug-Free, Odor-Free, Latex-free
  • Accessories included: 1 set of relief pads, 1 USB adapter and cable,

Swift electronic pain relief pad patch is intended to be used for pain relief, which delivers electric pulse to tired and sore muscles. These pulses are generated by the device and delivered to the target body areas trough the attached pads. This rapid pain reliever is portable, compact, and stylish in design. It helps relieve painĀ in various areas of body, such as the lower back, shoulders, arms and legs,