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Blood Pressure Monitor

Price: $29.99
  • Easy to use blood pressure machine, reads automatically your results in a LCD screen with 3 color changing lights.
  • Detects blood pressure, pulse measurement and irregular heartbeats with a touch of a button.
  • It’s atomically pumps and inflates and deflates after use.
  • Great for 2 users at home that can hold up to 120 readings each.

MOST ACCURATE & FAST READING METER: The Remedies Blood Pressure Machine will reduce any discomfort experienced due to over-inflation and will shorten the measurement time by using the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement. Pressure accuracy- 3mm and pulse- 5%.

PULSE MEASUREMENT: The cuffs snugs around your upper arm and with a touch of a button it pumps, inflates and deflates for an automatic accurate reading. Arm circumference of cuff is between 22cm-32cm.

MULTI USER RECORDINGS: Allows up to 2 users, each user has up to 120 readings in a recorded memory. See results in a simple to use large back lit color LCD digital display screen with 3 Color changing lights to help you understand your measurement and monitors results in the device.
CONSTANT MONITORING: Stay on top of your health and take It anywhere on the go, includes a portable travel kit case, you will never miss a reading. Perfect for seniors, elders, pregnant women and anyone who is always monitoring and checking their heart beat pulse and high blood pressure regularly.

BATTERIES: No AC adapter needed, its wireless and it uses 4 AA batteries (included), battery life will last for 4/5 months for twice a day uses.